Cotton Sateen Geometric “Kaleidoscope” Print Panel with Stretch

Cotton Sateen with Stretch (97% Cotton/3% Lycra), a printed Geometric panel with a pattern of coordinating Hot Pink, Black and White with Mulberry Blue contrasts beautifully against a White backdrop; broken up with a double Hot Pink Stripe ending the panel that could be used in any direction. This printing is intricate, the panel is 40 inches long (1 yard+ 4 inches), while the width is 54″ wide. A unique design with a lot of pop and a lot of detail that all comes together in a geometric explosion of color and design.

Sateen is in vogue for its versatility, due to its weight but still an incredible amount of flow. This couples with the lycra technology to make an extraordinary garment that fits perfectly.

Price is per Panel.

Stock #: 0902

Sample Unavailable because it would disrupt the panel.


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