Heavy Weight Woven with Stretch, Lifted Paisley Pattern, Made in France, a 2 3/8 yard piece

Heavy Weight Woven, a lifted paisley pattern with incredible detail in French Blue and Off-White with Peach accents. This is a Cotton/Polyester/Lycra blend and is heavy weight with some drape, we classify it as a heavier knit jacquard. Its a jacket weight, but the drape and stretch allow it to be versatile. An elegant dress or skirt, top or pants would make up beautifully. Made in France, the quality is unmatched, 55″ wide, 2 Way Stretch. We are selling this by the piece – it is all we ave left of it, 2 3/8 yards – enough to do a dress, skirt, ┬ájacket, suit, pants, top or gown.

Price is per Piece.

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