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We specialize in rare ribbon with 85% of our inventory made up of vintage ribbon from around the world, including famous fabric houses in Germany, France or Italy, dating from the 1920s to the 1970s. Many of our pieces are one-of-kind and we sell both nationally and internationally.

We also carry a variety of patterns and designs in new and mid-century modern styles. All ribbons are priced by the half yard, with some options available as wholesale.

Vintage Brocade

Dating back to the Middle Ages, brocade fabric was one of the few luxury fabrics worn by nobility throughout China, Greece, Japan, Korea and Byzantium. Brocade is a class of richly decorative woven material, often made in colored silks and with gold and silver threads. The name comes from Italian word broccato meaning “embossed cloth.” All of our Brocade ribbons are rare stock, from France, Germany and Switzerland, and are no longer available for production. The size, color range, design styles are endless.


Satin ribbons have a very smooth, shiny finish that may appear on one side (single face) or both sides (double face) of the ribbon. Soft and luxurious to the touch, satin ribbons are the perfect way to add elegance to any project. Our satin ribbons come in all colors and widths and are produced in France or the United States, the majority of it being vintage and a higher, more luxurious quality.

Gros Grain

Pronounced gro-grain, this ribbon is durable yet graceful in its flexibility. It is characterized by crosswise ribs with a crisp appearance a making it ideal for a wide variety of projects. We supply Vintage French Gros Grain in the classic cotton/rayon blend and also have cotton and silk. It is perfect for millinery purposes and couture sewing.


Taffeta derives from the Persian word meaning “twisted woven.” It is a crisp, smooth, plain woven fabric made from silk or cuprammonium rayons. These high-end ribbons are made from a lightweight fabric, which may or may not be translucent. These ribbons are versatile and great for decorating, crafting and gift wrapping. We carry all colors, all sizes and most are French, Swiss or were produced in the United States.


The Jacquard process is named after their inventor, Joseph Marie Jacquard (1752–1834). This type of weaving produces a pictorial pattern on the ribbon. The term is also used to refer to ribbons with embroidery that have a lightly lifted pattern. These types of ribbons have a “wrong” and “right” side and they are used mainly for high-fashion accents on garments.


Velvet ribbons feature a tight weave – the soft side, and a low cut pile surface – the plain underside which is made of silk or rayon. These ribbons have a silken textile feel with a splendid yet softened depth of dye-color. Our velvet ribbons are primarily vintage, and come in all sizes an colors. In addition we carry embossed floral velvet ribbon from France, ca. 1940’s.


We carry a wide variety of wired edge ribbon. There are a number of uses for wired ribbon, and the material comes in a wide range of sizes and designs as well as textures. Most commonly, wired ribbon is used for projects that will call for the ribbon to hold its shape without drooping, such as home décor crafts or some packaging, including gift baskets.