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Stretch Brocade Fabric, 1 5/8+ Yard Piece

Brocade fabric with a royal, dynamic Paisley Block Pattern in Cream, on Black. Standard, heavier handed brocade, soft to the touch with a great 4-way stretch. It’s perfect for a jacket/coat, but also a Dress, gown or skirt. Cotton/Rayon/Lurex/Polyester/Lycra blend, 50″ wide. People love the stretch brocade these days. It is easier to wear and […]

Brocade Fabric with Retro Floral Pattern, Metallic Textured Accents

Brocade Fabric, a “Warholian” fantastic pattern in a geometric/retro floral pastel pattern of French Blue and Wisteria Purple. The floral outlined in a metallic Graphite Gray edge – the weave is a twill and the floral has a subtle lift. Gown/Suiting/Coating weight – it is somewhat viscose but drapes. Made in Italy, a silk/synthetic blend, […]

Silk Blend Brocade Fabric with Graphic, Metallic Squiggle Pattern

Silk blend brocade, Light Blue base with a textured pattern of uncontrollable swirls, curves and squiggles in Metallic honey Mustard Yellow, Greenish Blue and Charcoal. Just wow. Substantial, typical weight you would expect from a brocade, but with more drape and airiness. Silk Blend, made in Italy – from a big time NYC designer, 57″ […]

Brocade Fabric with Floral Pattern, Classic

Classic Brocade Fabric – a most luscious Emerald Green floral lifted pattern with a Celadon Green lustrous background (Grayish Green hue). The quality is impressive. The look would be powerful yet tasteful. Made in Italy, 52″ wide, from a high end designer’s season dead stock. Standard brocade weight with some drape; perfect for really anything […]

Stretch Brocade Fabric with Metallic Cloque Floral Pattern

Stretch Brocade fabric, a multitude of textures with a floral cloque in Gray. Complimentary albeit contrasting Copper and Teal with similar details. Such a splendid quality. Heavier side of a suiting weight, bias stretch. These stretch brocades are so wonderful because they allow for more variation in garment choice. You don’t just have to make […]

Brocade Fabric with Jaguar, Textured Pattern

Brocade, a lovely Ruby Pink with a Jaguar pattern. Perched in position in Beige, with Chartreuse and Brown spots – Chartreuse and Brown foliage around it. Eye Popping piece, textured with drape, semi-hefty hand that, a jakcet/coating weight. Made in France, 53 inches wide. 56% Polyester/20% Acetate/19% Cotton/5% Canvas. We love a jacket or coat […]

Cloque Floral Brocade Fabric, Silver Metallic Florals

Brocade fabric, Jade Green; cloque texture with subtle metallic Silver florals. Light weight for a brocade, drape. It dances in fluidity, but it has some body/thickness as a brocade would – you can use it for more structured areas garments (lining would help) or for more fitted looks. Big time NYC designer dead stock, 54″ […]

Brocade Fabric, Retro/Abstract Paisley

Brocade fabric, a sort of abstract and classic paisley pattern (all at the same time). Soft colors, Coral, Orange Cream and shots of Brown. A wonderfully complex weave that is also subdued in the bigger picture. Medium/jacket weight, somewhat stiff – Made in France, 58″ wide. Stunning and decedent. A Rayon/Polyester/Acetate blend. Patterns: Jackets, skirt, […]

Silk Brocade Fabric with Lustrous Classic Pattern

Silk Brocade fabric, a vivacious Red (Orange Red) with a slightly lustrous, lifted sheen. Suiting weight, the hand of this piece is everything splendid about couture. Supple texture that is eye catching, drape. The color is rich. Gown/Jacket weight, its maybe the highest quality piece we have on this site. Anything formal would work here; […]

Brocade Fabric with Decedent Metallic Gold Lifted Pattern

Brocade fabric, a metallic, antique gold with a lifted pattern. This piece is simply royalty. Heavier, suiting/jacket/coat weight. Perfect for most formal wear – Made in Italy, Lurex/Cotton/Polyamide and some Viscose, 54″ wide. We sourced this from a medium volume, high quality focused designer in NYC. Dead Stock. You can keep this look simple, or […]

Brocade Fabric with Winged Pattern

Brocade fabric, a textured, complex golden wing pattern against a White (silk White) background. Stunning, metallic, show stopping, pizzaz. Hefty weight for a brocade, resembles the hand of a peau. 54″wide, made in Italy, Synthetic. From one of the biggest names in fashion today (not allowed to say who). We were excited and lucky to […]

Brocade Fabric with Lifted Geometric Pattern

Brocade fabric, White on White, a lifted geometric pattern against on a slightly lustrous background. Suiting weight, supple and tad airy, but thick hand – it can be structured or drape. 47% Cotton/42% Polyamide/11% Acetate. Made in France, 54″ wide. Kind of classic, kind of contemporary; it’s a wonderful piece that is subtle, but the […]

Ribbed Metallic Brocade Fabric, Floral Pattern, Double Faced

Brocade fabric, a strong metallic Silver ribbed background, complimented with a lifted Watermelon Pink floral pattern. Suiting weight with a dense, structured hand – 67% Polyester/26% Cotton/7% Acetate, 60″ wide. Dead Stock from a mill in France. A quite extravagant piece calls for some extra ordinary patterns we suppose. We are however not going to […]

Viscose Blend Brocade Fabric with Classic Paisley Pattern

Brocade fabric, a classic paisley design. Metallic accents, a decedent pattern in subtle Orange, metallic gold on Sage Green, Celadon Green and Amber. The textured hand is intricate and detailed. Heavy, a suiting weight, structured hand. Viscose/synthetic/lurex blend – Made in France, 60″ wide, elegant and timeless. The definition of classic. It’s the kind of […]

Stretch Brocade Fabric, Trapunto Metallic Floral Pattern, 1 5/8 Yard Piece

Brocade fabric with a classic, regal pattern in Black – with a padded trapunto Deep Red, metallic Copper floral design. Standard, heavier handed brocade, soft to the touch with a great 4-way stretch – Cotton/Rayon/Lurex/Polyester/Lycra blend, 50″ wide. People love the stretch brocade these days. It is easier to wear and the stretch has allowed […]

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