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Below is the list of some of our notions and other sewing and fabric accessories we carry. We offer a wide variety of options. For more details or questions about our accessories, please contact us.

Basic Buttons

We carry basic buttons for all garments and all needs including shirt buttons, pant buttons and basic suit buttons.

Our buttons come in all colors, sizes and types.

Designer Buttons

We supply designer buttons from couture houses from all over the world. We mainly carry European rhinestone, brass, gold and silver suit buttons, pearl, glass, horn and vintage buttons. All of our designer buttons are perfect for high fashion garments for both men and women.

Bridal Trim

We carry elegant rhinestone and pearl trims from all over the world in all widths and styles. All of our bridal trims are hand pick to supply our customers with pieces that are well stated and opulent, but sophisticated and elegant at the same time.

Vintage & Modern Clothing Trim

We have an unusual selection of vintage trims that date back to the 1930’s to the 1950’s from sutash, raffia, lurex, rhinestone and beaded trims as well as and cording and twine.

In addition, we carry hand guided French Alencon lace trim and Chantilly lace trim, gimpier lace trim, beaded lace trims, and cotton lace trims used for hand sewing garments. All of these exquisite trims come from from France or Switzerland.

Rhinestone & Applique Trim

Appliqué refers to a needlework technique, where patterns and designs are created by the attachment of smaller pieces of fabric to a larger pieces of contrasting color or texture. These trims are primarily used for formal garments or wedding dresses, they are meant to compliment the elegance of the occasion. They are often used as a sash or center pieces on the garment, bringing just enough attention to the garment, but not taking away from its elegance.

Vintage Appliques

The word “appliqué” comes from the French word meaning “applied” or “fastened to.” Historically, appliqué is often created first and then used as a ground for embroidery and other types of embellishment. It originated as both means to artistically patch holes and as a way to use scraps of precious fabrics so as not to waste them. The technique became very popular in Europe were many pieces were created for both fashion and house hold items. We carry an exclusive variety of beautiful hand-made, hand-embroidered and hand-dyed appliqués dating back as far as the 1910’s. Our vintage pieces were all made in France, Switzerland and Germany.


Notions is an umbrella term for a variety of small objects or accessories that are sewn or attached to a finished article. We carry a wide range of notions, including zippers (both regular and invisible), thread, needles, boning, regaline, velcro, shoulder pads, sewing kits, button cover kits, sewing tools, horsehair braid, seam rippers and much more.

Drapery Tassels

Tassels are the perfect finishing feature in fabric decoration. We offer a wide variety of sizes, colors and materials in these decorative curtain pieces.