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100% 4-Ply Silk Crepe Backed Satin Fabric in Burnt Orange


100% 4-Ply Silk Crepe fabric in Burnt Orange, satin finished (crepe backed satin), 4-ply is a 40 mm crepe, 45″ wide.

4-Ply silk crepe is the grande dame of silk crepe – Traditionally described as the most elegant quality of Silk for its heavy weight but luxurious drape – it has the possibility to be made into anything from a suit/jacket to trousers, a gown or skirt.

Unfortunately at our level, it is getting harder and harder to buy large quantities for 4-ply silk crepe from designers and cutting rooms. That means we will eventually have to get it from mills and the prices are going to be through the roof. Get the dead stock while you can!

Price is per Yard

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