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100% Cotton Wax Fabric, Floral Print


100% Cotton Wax fabric with a vivid floral print Red with Black dots and larger White polka dots, contrasting with a Floral pattern of alternating Yellow and Blue florals outlined in Deep Dark Brown.

A shirting weight with a wax backing (similar but not quite equal to a chintz), these are traditional prints made in West Africa – there are many varying qualities all over the internet, we carry a few in the store.

We can say that these are the finest, most substantial quality we have come across. It explains why these are a tad pricier than your average, but well worth it, 45″ wide.

Price is per Yard

Stock #: 5606

Pantone Colors:
4259 C – Dark Brown
200 C – Red
2995 C – Blue
604 C – Yellow

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