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100% Organic Cotton Waffle Textured Knit Fabric, Gray


100% Organic Cotton fabric, a waffle textured knit in Gray – shirt weight (260 gsm – 7.7 ounces) with drape, 56″ wide, 2-Way stretch with the width (roughly 80%).

Organic cotton fibers typically produce better quality yarns than conventional ones – the garments made are longer lasting, more durable, get more washes.

From a sustainability point of view, Organic Cotton is grown without any chemical insecticides or synthetic fertilizers. This of course allows for less toxic run-off in local rivers/water systems.

These waffle knits are classic staples for slow fashion – easy to throw on, wear around the house – but also can gear towards “going out for a drink” wear.

Some simple patterns for a waffle knit: Burda B6099 – a few variations of a button up tunic. Also the Simplicity S9455 – keep in mind these can be unisex.

Also one of our favorites, Simplicity S8613 by designer Norris Danta Ford (Mimi G).

Chalk and Notch has a great and comfortable fitting Waterfalls Dress. Also the Zoey Tank and Dress would be lovely.

There are so many uses for this fabric, its quite possible that we could be typing patterns for a long time! It is a high quality, amazing piece.

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