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100% Polyester Charmeuse Fabric, Creole Mustard Yellow, 1 Yard Piece


100% Polyester Charmeuse Fabric, Creole Mustard Yellow (almost a Canary but darker).

Standard Charmeuse weight (2 or 3 ounces or equivalent to 28 mm in Silk), drape, with an elegant satin finish.

As the market changes, polyester is being pursued by top designers; and fabric engineers are working to perfect it. This fabric is the product of advanced thread technology. The quality is stunning, it has the hand of a silk – one of the many innovative and advanced polyesters coming out of Italy these days.

Use it as you would any crepe, charmeuse, light weight woven. 58″ wide. People love this weight for a dress, skirt, blouse/shirt, top or even lining.

Price is per Yard.

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