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100% Polyester Satin Crepe, Stretch, Spruce Green


100% Polyester Crepe Backed Satin in Spruce Green, we love this piece because it has the feel, body, the look and drape of a 4-ply silk. There are so many uses, its washable, durable and you get your wears worth. The stretch is also amazing. Go casual or go as formal as you want, it looks luxurious (even though its 1/8 the price of 4-ply silk). It should be a go to staple for your wardrobe.

The luster and bounce are lovely, the matte side can also be used, 60″ wide.

Dead stock from a manufacturer in LA – they produce for high end designers.

Washing Instructions: Prewash with salt, Cold water to set the dye. Warm water machine wash when cleaning.

Price is per Yard

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