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100% Silk 3-ply Crepe Fabric, Ferrari Red


100% Silk Crepe fabric, a 3-ply weight (36 mm) in Ferrari Red (almost a coral with a lot of Red undertones).

The case for for 3 ply silk crepe is obvious for formal wear. It takes time to persuade people to use it semi formal to causal wear – so let’s make some points.

It does take a bit more care than a blend, true. Its breathable, temperature regulating and comfortable on the skin – that means it will keep you cool in the summer, warmer in the winter. Its universal in occasion – formal to casual wear all around. Its elegant (of course) and the durability is there.

Cut it on the bias and you basically have a stretch (even though 100% silk), line it with Cotton/Poly batiste and you have yourself a little more stability.

You can make the simple of simple and you’ll look elevated.

Easy pattern choices for silk crepe in the form of a top/blouse, tunic, skirt or dresses. A few that we wanted to emphasize.

CALVIN WRAP DRESS from True Bias, it would be a legend of the summer!

Seam Work has a lovely bias cut dress, Cinnamon – No. 1012

Deer and Doe COQUELICOT DRESS (#D0041) – also a blouse from Viki Sews, the Cynthia Blouse. the roan Blouse from Seam Work Patterns – also look into their Porter Dress.

Something simple for a top, like the Vogue V1955 – or the top Dress that they describe as “flattering and flirty” McCalls M8359, by Brandi Joan. The loose fitting blouse by Marcy Tilton, Vogue V1899.

Price is per Yard.

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