100% Silk Chiffon Panel with Varying Floral Print, 4 3/4 yard piece


100% Silk Chiffon, a panel with a varying array of three stratums, the first, a floral pattern in Dark Brown and Lighter brown followed by an ombre of Light Brown to Amber with White Stripes, finally a layer of Florals that are light Brown, White and Amber. As one can see this is a very involved panel with a lot of possibilities as a gown, dress, top or skirt. The piece is sheer with drape, light weight (6 mm).

There are 3 complete panels, although one has a hole in the selvedge (it can still be used). In addition there are 2 incomplete panels – all in all, a 4 3/4 yard piece. 45″ wide, the repeat is 1 yard and 3 inches.

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