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100% Silk Gazar Fabric, Cheetah Screen Print


Silk Gazar fabric, a vibrant cheetah screen print in varying Brown tones, on a Caramel brown background. The colors are neutral, but full.

Gazar is lightweight but stable, has the ability to hold a shape beautifully. It is comfortable to wear and sturdy to sew.

This is dead stock left over form a big time NYC designer, we were lucky to be able to procure for our customers.

100% silk, 54″ wide. Semi-sheer and stiff (with a twill weave) – some call it the 4-ply of organza – The product is very tailored and structured.

The Pattern of patterns for silk gazar/organza is the Marfy 3171 – a lovely structured skirt. There are capes, gowns and more to sew with gazar – we honestly can’t find a pattern but we will copy and paste a link to A Challenging Sew, who has done a masterful job and describing this hallowed after fabric.


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