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100% Silk Jacquard Fabric, Colorful Paisley Lifted Design, Tie Fabric Sample Yardage, 2 5/8 Yard Piece


Classic 100% Silk Jacquard Fabric with a timeless paisley pattern.

Sample yardage piece that is whole, with a lovely myriad of colors – blocked. Imagine the possibilities of a dress or skirt, top, tie of course.

Color scheme from: Gray to Beige, Ivory, Red, Olive Green, Coral, Lilac, Black, Dark Red Light/medium weight, drape, resembles a suiting but its indeed tie fabric. Made in Italy.

We sourced this from an old New Orleans tie factory who was at one point, one of the largest producers of neck and bow ties in the country.

2 5/8 Yard Piece, 54″ wide.

*We will be honest, this is a really hard piece to photograph. It is larger and hard to get all of the colors in a clear shot. That said, it is freaking amazing, incredible detailed quality. Soft, supple.

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