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100% Silk Satin Organza Fabric, Chartreuse


100% Silk Satin Organza fabric in Chartreuse, amazing weight and stiff hand (around 8 mm) and lovely satin finish, 54″ wide.

Gazar is lightweight but stable, has the ability to hold a shape beautifully. It is comfortable to wear and sturdy to sew.

Dead stock left over form a big time NYC designer.

The Pattern of patterns for silk gazar/ satin organza is the Marfy 3171 – a lovely structured skirt. There are capes, gowns and more to sew with this fabric.

For a formal dress with some classic characteristics look to PDB6803 from Butterick.

Beautejadore has some really great stiffer tops and shirts – especially the bustier offered.

Marfy has the utterly incredible Pattern no. 3325 – Sculpted lines for this short fitted and darted jacket, sort of a shirt jacket.

If you are going to the French Opera, or a Royal Wedding – go for Marfy S878 a form fitting gown with a long bodice.

Price is per Yard.

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