100% Silk Suiting, Chalk Blue, Made in Italy


100% Silk Suiting in Chalk Blue (Light Blue), this is a classic weave of Silk, woven like linen – with texture, body and drape – medium weight and impossible to wrinkle. It would make for an elegant, comfortable garment that could be structured or have a lot of bounce to it.

In the old days this was called silk linen and today some call it 4-Ply Shantung because of the texture, we named it Silk Suiting to make it less confusing. Whatever the name, it is perfect for a suit, dress, top, pants, skirt or gown – use it as you would a medium to light weight woven. Made in Italy, 40″ wide. In the world of sewing, this is one of the finest you can buy.

Price is per Yard.

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Washing Instructions: Hand wash with cold water, drip dry.

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