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100% Silk Twill Fabric in Midnight Navy Blue


100% Silk Twill fabric in Midnight Navy Blue (almost Black).

Light weight, a tad more heft than your average, drape, a superior quality.

Perfect for a blouse, skirt, dress or top and also people love this as lining, 54″ wide. Use a twill as you would a crepe de chine (or any crepe), charmeuse, or a light weight woven.

Silk Twill, aka, Silk Surra, which is light weight with a sheen and a strong twill weave. It’s classy, and it reads smart – a little more depth than your average crepe blouse or skirt. It’s also less prone to a silk wrinkle.

Deer and Doe patterns also have a lovely blouse – The CAMELIA BLOUSE that would be a great, durable staple of the wardrobe for all occasions. For another equally durable and comfortable look, take a look at their EUCALYPTUS JUMPSUIT which pairs well with the fabric.

Seam Work has the Danielle Blouse, perfect fit.

Liz Dress from By Hand London would be elegant, comforting and quite magical.

The CASSIDY WRAP from Helen’s Closet Patterns would have a fluid movement.

See the Liz Dress from By Hand London, and this has “infinite hack-ability” as they say.

Hubba Ding Patterns has a myriad of dresses appropriate for this fabric, one off the cuff is the Daphne Dress.

Price is per Yard.

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