• Brown Ribbed Knit Fabric. France

2 x 2 Ribbed Cotton Knit Fabric, Chocolate Milk Brown


Cotton blend 2×2 ribbed knit, Heathered Chocolate Milk Brown.

A lovely hand, light/medium weight (140 gsm), the quality is notable.

96% Cotton/4% Lycra, 62″ wide, made in France.

Simple, slow fashion that will be a go to of your wardrobe, but also a long lasting one. We love that for its sustainability impact, but also because those are the best types of wardrobe wears!

Simple patterns; we are running with the idea that you can buy a small amount fabric, sew up something easy and throw it on – all while looking like a star: ZOEY TANK & DRESS from True Bias, they also have a Zoey neckline expansion.

Brit – No. 3102 from Seam Work Patterns – the cuffs! For a dress the “Simple but never plain” Mimi G Knit Dress, Simplicity S9741.

The Bay Flares Pant – perfect, from The Hemming, they also have a shirt pattern that would work beautifully.

We failed to find a man’s shirt pattern for this, but it would make an awesome henley (also unisex/non-binary henley) or t-shirt.

Price is per Yard.

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