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Dress Weight Cotton Fabric with Geometric Print, Fil Coupe Floral Lifted Pattern


Bottom weight Cotton Blend fabric; vivid geometric print in Orange, Yellow,, Green and Warm Red on a lifted, subtle relief pattern of florals.

Light/Medium it is the feel of a heavier shirting (but we are calling it a dress weight and it is).

Use this as you would a shirting, sateen, broadcloth, or light to mid-weight suiting or pant/bottom weight – perfect for a shirt, dress or skirt, top, blouse, suit, jacket, pants or even a gown.

Made in France, 54″ wide. 35% Cotton/65% Polyester

Fil Coupe is a weaving technique that produces a delicate, yet tactile fringe effect on the surface of the fabric.

Price is per Yard.

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604 C – Yellow
2247 C – Green
165 C – Orange
175 C – Warm Red

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