Brocade with Metallic Abstract/Geometric Pattern, Stretch


Brocade, a Metallic deep looking Geometric/Abstract Pattern in varying Royal Blue, Teal and Silver. Medium/heavy, suiting weight with drape, made of a Polyester/Lurex/Rayon/Acetate/Polyester blend, 54″ wide. The hand is luxurious, firm and the 2-way stretch (that goes with the length of the fabric) adds a dimension of versatility to whatever is sewn. Perfect for a gown, dress, skirt, jacket/coat, top or pants. Use this as you would any medium to heavy weight woven, taffeta or suiting. Made in Italy.

Price is per Yard.

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Care Instructions: Best to dry clean, especially finished garment.

Pantone Colors:

300 U – Blue (there are a few Blues in this piece that vary slightly but all close to this color).
3165 U – Teal

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