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Cotton Blend Bottom Weight Fabric, Pique Texture


Bottom Weight Cotton blend, in silk White (not dead White).

Tremendously exquisite quality that we classify as the perfect bottom weight.

Meaty hand with a lovely smaller pique texture, great drape (medium/heavy bodied).

27% Polyester/73% Cotton, we love the blend because its breathable and wrinkle resistant – Made in France, 54″ wide, 258 gsm.

Patterns, keep it simple here – a wide legged pant or the WORKER TROUSERS from Modern Sewing Co. also look at their OVER SHIRT, which is a lovely and functional garment.

The Deer and Doe Patterns, EUCALYPTUS JUMPSUIT (#D0047BPDF) would be great if you want a dependable, White jumpsuit. Also their FOUGÈRE OVERSHIRT AND JACKET (#D0042BPDF)

For a suit, go for something like Butterick, PDB6739 – a peplum with pants (Options B and D)

Price is per Yard

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