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Cotton Blend Stretch Jacket/Coat Weight Fabric, Floral Color Repeat


Lifted Floral Jacquard fabric, a fabulous coloration in Red, Curry and Green on a repeat with Deep Purple behind it – all of this on a sort of graded, tweeded Black and Gray background.

Cotton blend this is a jacket/coat weight – the stretch is lovely.

Made in France, the quality is up there with the best, 54″ wide. It could be upscale casual, or you could take it into a more formal situation as well – some patterns we would love to see include:

The Sienna Maker from Closet Core Patterns would be pretty cool, as well as their Jasika Blazer – of course you have to account for the unique repeat, but let’s get avant garde here.

As a dress (or Pinafore) – try the lovely Kristin from Tanya Taidi.

We would love to see a bomber jacket or heavy duster – try Simplicity R10013 – Options A, B and C – as well as the Rigel Bomber by Papercut Patterns (out of print).

Price is per Yard.

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