• Sustainable Fabrics

Cotton/Polyester Batiste Lining Fabric


A Cotton/Polyester fabric blend, soft handed, broadcloth weight – we prefer this as a lining for anything from a heavier brocade/jacquard, linen, light/medium to heavy weight cotton, crepes of all fibers, really all fabrics with exception of a jacket or coat which should have a traditional polyester, silk charmeuse/crepe de chine or Bemberg (Rayon). 60″ wide, 60% Cotton/40% Polyester (roughly). Hand picked for our store.

Wears like cotton, the lining provides more stability to a garment and the polyester helps prevent wrinkles. The three colors in Black, White and off-White are more luxurious. It feels better and will breathe a lot better than a bemberg, or your typical polyester lining, and the composition will hold up longer as well as easier to clean.