Cotton Sateen Panel with Floral Print


Cotton Sateen with Stretch (97% Cotton/3% Lycra), a dynamic floral pattern of Mango, Orange, Yellow, Green, Red, Fuchsia and Light Green on a White background. Floral rows that allow for an interesting sew. The panel measures 7/8 of a yard (33 inches to be exact), 57 inches wide.

Sateen is in vogue for its versatility, due to its weight (around 5-7 ounces) but also its great drape. This couples with the lycra technology to make an extraordinary garment that fits perfectly. Use it as you would a broadcloth or knit that has some body (like a ponte), also a heavier crepe or in some cases a suiting.

Price is per Panel.

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Sample Unavailable because it would disrupt the panel.

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