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Double Crepe Rayon Fabric with Double Floral Explosion Border Print, 2 5/8 Yard Panel


Double Weight Rayon Crepe fabric, Light Ivory with an exciting floral print in all bright colors, a rainbow. Rayon/Lycra blend with a meaty hand (almost but not quite a 6-ply), drape and a perfect 2-way stretch (roughly 20%). We had this piece is a smaller panel – this one is two floral borders and mirror each other in one panel – its’ a lot of fabric on one panel, enough for mostly any garment.

Firm enough for a jacket, but also perfect for a dress, skirt, pants and even a top/shirt. Go casual or formal here – it lends to comfortable breathable garment with a pattern so explosive, that it could be worn to really formal occasions.

Made in Italy, 50″ wide. The panel measure 2 5/8 yards.

Price is per panel.

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