Crepe with Lifted Floral Pattern and Stripe Pattern, 1 7/8 Yard Piece


Chartreuse Floral subtle lifted pattern that contrasts perfectly against a Black and White Stripe, this is simplistic and elegant, a unique hand, a crepe weight, almost double crepe weight, drape, semi opaque and a lustrous finish, drape and an airy hand. Polyester/Rayon blend, high quality made in Italy, 60″ wide.

It’s hard to classify this piece, it has the hand of a crepe and a gazar, but more drape – it could be used to make a light weight jacket/coat, dress, gown, top, shirt, skirt or pants. One thing we do know, it’s pretty incredible.

We sourced this from a fine designer in NYC who has a formal clothing line. It’s the last little bit left, but still a fair amount to make all types of looks.

1 7/8 Yard Piece

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