Floral Jacquard Panel, Made in Italy


Jacquard Panel, a stunning contrast of Royal Blue with a Reddish Coral and Geranium Pink Floral design. Rayon blend (Rayon and a touch of Polyester), medium weight with a bit of stiffness. The panel measures roughly 1 1/4 yards, the floral pattern is 33 inches, followed by a solid Royal Blue portion for the remainder. A high quality piece, finished an elegant luster, made in Italy, 60″ wide. Use this as you would a medium to medium/heavy woven on the stiffer side, such as a mikado, taffeta or peau de soie. It is really more for formal wear – a gown, skirt, dress or jacket.

Price is per Panel.

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Sample unavailable because it would disrupt the panel.

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