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Hand embroidered Floral Pattern on Soft Bridal Illusion Fabric


A most special piece of fabric, hand embroidered intricate threaded floral pattern on a soft piece of White illusion. The pattern is a border pattern the runs, then there is a gap of all solid illusion, going a border stripe (the photos lay it out much better than we can describe). All is Bridal White.

We think highly of this particular illusion, its soft to the touch. Sheer of course – not the machine bound type but a more refined hand. A lot of drape.

Hand done in Italy, we bought from a famous NYC designer – we did not go to Italy to get it, but they showed us a video of the process. A little old woman sitting in a factory, it was beautiful.

Made in Italy from pattern to patter the width is 36″ wide – the whole width is 52″ wide.

Price is per Yard

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