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Heavy Embroidered Tapestry Ribbon, Floral Pattern, “Natural Ombre”, 4 1/8 inches wide


Vintage, Heavy Tapestry Ribbon – a large floral pattern in Beige, Green and Coralish Embroidery, on Lustrous Lavender with “Natural Ombre”. This is one of the most decadent ribbons one will ever see, 4 1/8 inches wide. This is a thick ribbon that could be used for Millinery, a tapestry ribbon for home decor or for clothing.

Made in France, 4 1/8 inches wide.

Price is per yard.

Stock #: 812

This piece is faded, so it is heavily discounted, we call it a “natural ombre”, it is amazing and usable – but it is indeed faded. Some people appreciate it more.

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