Hemp/ Organic Cotton Light Weight Denim, Deep Blue


Hemp/Organic Cotton denim, (55% Hemp/45% Organic Cotton) in a classic Deep Blue. Light weight for a denim (170 gsm) with drape, soft hand, 56″ wide. This is an incredible incredible quality. Versatile as well, perfect for a button down shirt/top, also can be used as a bottom weight, light weight jacket or dress/skirt.

Organic cotton fibers typically produce better quality yarns than conventional ones, which results in more durable, longer-lasting goods.

Hemp is one of the world’s oldest fibers hemp requires no pesticides or herbicides to be grown. It can also be used a cover crop to prevent water/soil run off pollution. The quality of this piece is an example of its durability. It softens as it washes, it can be machine washed and it will retain its shape.

The sustainable products that we sell are our effort to do our part to fighting pollution and climate change.

Price is per Yard.

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