Stretch Brocade with Metallic Floral Pattern


Stretch Brocade with Metallic Silver and Royal Blue floral pattern against a Light Silver background. Heavier weight, drape and generous 2-Way stretch, a hefty hand. Versatile (and forgiving for any type of wear) as a top, coat/jacket, gown, dress, skirt or pants. A high quality rayon/polyester/lurex/lycra blend, 60″ wide. Use this as you would any medium/heavy weight woven with stretch, or any medium/heavy to heavy weight knit.

Sourced from a famous clothing designer in NYC who is everywhere. The stretch brocade is becoming a popular type of fabric to sew, as everyone just wants a little bit of stretch these days. The pattern is unique, the weave is complex and dense.

Price is per Yard.

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