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Jacket/Coat Weight Woven Fabric with Striped Pattern


Cotton Blend Jacket Weight woven fabric, Light and Dark denim Blue with a lifted pattern in Light Green, White and Light Pink, a fringed “fil coupe”, stripe.

Medium/heavy weight, a hefty hand with drape.

It would make an awesome jacket, but also a dress, skirt, pants or top/sweater.

Made in France, 58″ wide, 81% Cotton/19% Polyester.

Fil Coupe is a weaving technique that produces a delicate, yet tactile fringe effect on the surface of the fabric.

Pattern suggestions s could be simple or get a little wild:

We will start with one of our faves – the Shoalhaven Shacket for Muna and Broad. A jumpsuit, yay – try to Mimi G PDS9822 (Simplicity).

The Adrienne Skirt from Style Arc Patterns would be fairly epic. As well as the Peckham Trouser from Liesel and Co. (also see they Tribeca Skirt for this pattern).

Another go to, would be the Jasika Blazer from Closet Core Patterns.

Price is per Yard

Stock #: 5749

Pantone Colors:

2045 C – Pink
2288 C – Green

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