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Jacquard Fabric with Contemporary Floral Pattern


Jacquard fabric, a semi-classic look with a contemporary spin – Chartreuse and iridescent Silver on a lighter somewhat White Gold background. This is a fairly rich piece, a lot of pizzaz. Take it in stride.

Made in France, the quality is superb – suiting weight, it can drape, but also would hold up to some stiffness or pleats, 62″ wide.

Go to pattern suggestions:

Vogue V1813 – a big skirt that would allow for the design of the fabric to shine. Keep in mind to line it with Cotton/Poly Batiste for stability. This is coupled with the V1723, a big pullover dress – an easy pattern that makes a statement. The fabric really does the talking here.

If the big skirt is not your style, try Butterick PDB6746, a to the knee skirt – straight and easy.

Also in the number is Vogue, V1927 – this is a double breasted jacket for a special occasion. Of course one could make a trouser too – and in this case one cold try (but just really for a reference) the Simplicity S9647 Trouser Pant.

Price is per Yard.

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