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Suiting Weight Jacquard Fabric, Lifted Chevron Pattern


Suiting weight Jacquard fabric with Herringbone Pattern in off-White and a Brown lifted pattern, 54″ wide, medium weight with a lot of drape, dense hand.

High Quality Synthetic Blend, made in Italy.

Use this as you would any light/medium to medium/heavy weight woven.

A few pattern suggestions:

Vogue V1717 – stunning pant suit or the skirt version. This in line with McCalls M8103 coating; or the PDM7879 as a straight skirt, the skirt suit variation with the notched collar – wow! WE also love the V1941 large skirt from Vogue.

the Jasika Blazer from Closet Core is always a winner – you may need some hacking and some lining.

Price is per Yard.

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