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Lame Suiting Weight Woven Fabric with Floral Pattern, 2-Way Stretch


Suiting Weight Woven fabric with a stunning lame-like iridescent Metallic Floral pattern in Brown, Deep Coral, Red and Apricot.

Light/Medium weight, 2-Way stretch that runs with the length of the fabric, a lot of drape, made of a Rayon/Polyester/Lycra/Lurex blend, 60″ wide.

It has a wonderful shine that glistens in the light.

The wonderful part of this fabric is the stretch that allows you to make really whatever you want. That with its stylish design, makes it an all around win for a tailored garment.

Designer dead stock fabric, get it while you can.

These stretch brocades are so wonderful because they allow for more variation in garment choice. You don’t just have to make a gown or coat anymore with brocades – you can stretch the range of casual looks (no pun intended) – but they can all look remarkable because the fabric is of such high quality.

Some pattern suggestions:

Vogue V 1943, an Off-the-shoulder double-breasted lined jacket – pretty jazzy if you ask us.

Know Me Tuxedo style dress with the double breasted buttons is great – PDME2006 (By the Corny Rainbow)

Flared skirts would be a nice touch – try Vogue V1813 and we would love to see a bomber jacket or two out of this fabric – like Vogue V1877. Also the Simplicity S9712 pleated skirt.

Viki Sews Patterns has the Adeline trousers – and maybe make a suit, and try their low cut Nancy Blazer.

Gown, try Marfy Sewing Pattern 3367

Price is per Yard

Stock #: 5414

Pantone Colors:

7418 C – Deep Coral
4066 C – Apricot/Nude Pink
4265 C – Brown

*Tough to be totally accurate about the colors because of the iridescent nature of the fabric.

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