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Lyocell Stretch Jersey Fabric, Pecan Brown


Tencel Lyocell Jersey fabric in Pecan Brown, a single wight (150 gsm), soft handed jersey – the quality is uncanny, the drape lovely.

The nicest jersey we have come across.

A neutral and rich color.

If you use jersey for your basic garments, this is the one – its sustainable, which means it’s more durable and will lost longer than the average jersey. Moreover, it has a lovely ease of comfort.

Perfect for virtually any garment you want to make in the casual/semi-casual arena.

Lyocell is a form of Rayon made from pure Bamboo and is more sustainable than average fabrics. It uses less water and regenerates easily (in 55 days). Moreover it doesn’t need pesticides to grow and is biodegradable.

The sustainable products that we sell are our effort to do our part to fighting pollution and climate change….So you are investing in a lasting product that is also a plus for the environment.

Care Instructions: Cold Water wash, drip dry. Salt to set dye.

Price is per Yard.

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