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Mikado Twill Fabric with Floating Floral Pattern, Stripe, 2 1/4 Yard Piece


Mikado Twill fabric with a wonderful floral pattern of Pink,Magenta, White and Green in diagonal rows that dance and contrast wonderfully against Black and White stripes, Black border.

Medium weight (around 173 GSM), crisp, made of 100% Polyester and an exceptional quality – the hand as if it’s a silk. Use it as you would any medium to medium/heavy weight woven, perfect for a structured garment, 56″ wide.

2 1/4 Yard Piece

Stock #: 6870

Care Instructions:
Best to dry clean, especially after the garment is completed. You could hand wash, but it may lose some of its luster, and crispness. Drip Dry.

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