Mikado Twill with Floral Pattern Border Pattern, Panel, 1 7/8 Yard Piece


Mikado Twill with a Floral border Pattern in Purple, Red, Pink and White – contrasting wonderfully against a black background. Medium weight (around 173 GSM), crisp, made of 100% Polyester and an exceptional quality – the hand as if it’s a silk. Use it as you would any medium to medium/heavy weight woven, perfect for a structured garment, 60″ wide, made in Italy.

This is a panel, that measures 1 yard and there is 1 full panel, and one panel a few inches short that is 7/8 of a yard.

1 7/8 Yard Piece

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Care Instructions:
Best to dry clean, especially after the garment is completed. You could hand wash, but it may lose some of its luster, and crispness. Drip Dry.



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