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Organic Cotton Twill Fabric, Stretch, Forrest Green


Organic Cotton Cotton Twill fabric with 2-Way stretch (97% Organic Cotton/3% Spandex) in Forrest Green, a perfect medium/heavy bottom weight (248 gsm) with a soft, substantial hand.

It would make an excellent pair of pants, but also a dress, skirt, light weight jacket, shirt or top, 56″ wide.

A classic staple for slow fashion.

The quality is superior to any cotton we carry. Organic cotton fibers typically produce better quality yarns than conventional ones, which results in more durable, longer-lasting goods.

Organic cotton is grown without any chemical insecticides or synthetic fertilizers which minimizes toxic runoff impact on rivers and local water systems. Cotton accounts for as much as 25% of global pesticide use. The sustainable products that we sell are our effort to do our part to fighting pollution and climate change.

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Price is per Yard.

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