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Rayon Satin Crepe Fabric, Stretch in Dusty Aqua


Rayon Crepe fabric with a luscious satin finish in a lovely Dusty Aqua. A sensational medium weight, soft and dense hand with drape, nice pull back on 2-way Stretch. Make a suit, top/shirt, an elegant dress, pants, gown or jacket.

Use it as you would a medium weight woven, crepe or unbacked satin; or a light/medium to medium/heavy weight knit. Made in Italy, 56″ wide. 32% Rayon/64% Acetate/4% Lycra – this composition is everything!

We love this stuff, it can be worn as casual, but it’s also a luxurious, high quality and comfortable piece for formal wear. The smooth color would compliment a contrast or non-competing color to tie together an outfit.

Price is per Yard.

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Pantone Colors:

2463 C – Aqua

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