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4-Ply Polyester Crepe Woven Fabric, Red, Stretch


Polyester 4-ply Crepe Woven Fabric (90% Polyester/10% Lycra) in a rich, classic Red. Medium/Heavy weight (8 or 9 ounces), amazing drape, dense with a “sponged” hand (a pique texture of sorts that is uniform).

60″ wide, 2-Way stretch.

Use this as you would any medium to heavy weight knit, any heavier crepe (woven or knit), light to heavy weight woven.

This woven is notable for its dense hand, stretch with amazing drape that makes it versatile. One could make a jacket or coat, but also a top, skirt, dress or shirt.Popular because it gives people versatility to make a structured garment or something with some flow.

Price is per Yard.

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