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Ribbed Organic Cotton Knit Fabric, Bean Red


Organic Cotton 2×2 ribbed knit fabric with stretch (97% Cotton/3% Spandex) in Bean Red.

A lovely dense hand (240 gsm, 7.1 oz), the quality is impressive, 40″ wide. Oeko-Tex Certified.

Rib Knit is so lovable. Comfy, firm and stretchy (80% stretch).

Organic cotton fibers typically produce better quality yarns than conventional ones, which results in more durable, longer-lasting goods. Moreover OC is grown without any chemical insecticides or synthetic fertilizers which minimizes toxic runoff impact on rivers and local water systems. Cotton accounts for as much as 25% of global pesticide use.

In investing in our sustainable and dead stock fabrics, you are investing in a lasting and eco friendly product.

Pattern Suggestions:

We love Style Arc Patterns use of knits – The BERT KNIT TOP is an all-time go to for your wardrobe. It’s like a henley with front buttons at the collar.

Paper Theory Patterns has the IB Pullover which coupled with this fabric provides a nice snuggle.

NIKKO TOP & DRESS from True Bias, one great pattern we promote for this fabric.

The Linden Sweatshirt from Gain Line Studios

Simplicity S9018 has some great options for a top, dress and vest.

Therese Pattern, top and/or dress from Swim Style Patterns.

Price is per Yard.

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