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Scuba Knit Fabric with Double Floral Printed Pattern, Panel


Scuba Knit Fabric, ribbed in White with a futuristic and clean double floral pattern in Black and Gray – the print giving off a distressed look.

Medium/Heavy handed, this piece has a spacer, or padding as a traditional scuba does, substantial drape nonetheless.

320 gsm, 58″ wide. The panel measures 38 inches.

Sample Suggestions: Vogue V1486m the flared yoke skirt would be perfect perfect perfect. Also love the Know Me, ME2007, a mimi G pattern – ribbing in this you would have to source. Easy enough to do these days.

We could also see Vogue V1860, a great pull over dress – you could arrange the pattern to by a syncopated stylish look.

Also enough drape (and body here) to utilize a sweater t, like V1826, Vogue, over sized sweatshirt.

Price is per Panel.

Stock #: 4948

Sample Unavailable as it would disrupt the panel and pattern.

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