Shantung with Floral Pattern, 1 1/4 Yard Piece


100% polyester Shantung, a Blush Pink background that accentuates a colorful Floral Pattern of Pink, Orange and Red Roses with Green stems – this is a center pattern. This is a heavier weight piece with some stiffness, but it can drape – a satin backside, 58″ wide. The perfect weight for a suit, jacket, pants, skirt, dress, gown or top.

Dead stock fabric from a high end designer in NYC, so once it’s gone – it’s gone. This piece is one of the many we carry in line with our goal of showcasing unique, dead stock fabric on the website that can’t really be found anywhere else.

1 1/4 Yard Piece
*Some workable stains that can probably be cleaned – nevertheless, discounted.

Stock #: 8410

Pantone Colors:

7417 C – Orange

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