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Stretch Brocade Fabric with Metallic Cloque Floral Pattern, 1 1/2 Yard Piece


Dynamic Stretch Brocade fabric, a contemporary spin on a classic pattern with the metallic lurexy Gray outlined Teal floral on Black. The coloration is everything.

Hefty weight with a generous bias stretch – the piece will drape, but more suitable for coating, gown, suit.

Made in Italy, 54″ wide, from a high end designer’s season dead stock.

Patterns, ohhh pattern suggestions for this epic brocade:

Becoming one of our go to coats is Shoalhaven Shacket from Muna and Broad Patterns. You could even line with a cotton sateen, or the standard cotton/poly batiste.

Also the Juliet Coat from ByHand London would be pretty darn epic.

Many formal gowns to draw inspiration from – one we like with brocades is McCalls PDM7865. Fairly simple with that great shoulder sleeve. Keep in mind, you cold also go straight A-line, pin skirt here with a silk crepe blouse – try something along the lines of the Butterick straight skirt, B6836.

Finally a skirt suit – ohhhh McCalls M8370.

1 1/2 Yard Piece

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