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Stretch Brocade Fabric with Metallic Rose Gold Pattern


Stretch Brocade fabric with a regal metallic pattern in Rose Gold, standing out on a Black background – a classic elegance in this piece with a lot of texture and depth. Medium/heavy weight, drape, with a substantial 2-way stretch. Made of a Polyester/Acetate/Lurex/Rayon/Lycra blend, 52″ wide. Use this as you would any medium to heavy weight woven; any medium/heavy to heavy weight knit.

These stretch brocades are wonderful because they are an elegant look, stylish, but the stretch and weight allows one to sew a garment that is easier and more comfortable without sacrificing the style. They work both ways, they jazz up a casual outfit as well as provide more versatility to formal wear.

Price is per Yard

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*Sample Recommended – Color is right but, it changed in the light

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