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Stretch Denim Weight Jacquard Fabric with Floral Print, 1 Yard Piece


Denim weight Jacquard Fabric with a long 2-Way Stretch and a Floral print in Coral, Orange, Greens and Fuchsia against a textured Egg Shell White/ Light Silver background with lifted woven Silver Metallic accents.

Heavy weight (around 9 ounces), drape. It could be made into a semi-formal garment, but also use this as one would a medium to heavy weight woven, e.g., cotton twill or sateen – or a medium, medium/heavy knit.

Made in Italy, 54″ wide, a Cotton/Lycra/Lurex blend.

1 Yard Piece
*Discounted because there is a slight cut in the selvedge half way through, its totally usable and amazing.

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