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Triacetate Crepe in Lavender Purple


Triacetate Crepe in Lilac. Heavy crepe weight (6 or 7 ounces), drape, dense hand, 60″ wide. Triacetate is a firm, high quality thread that is derived from an acetate modified fiber. Use this as you would a medium/heavy knit, or medium/heavy weight woven with stretch or any crepe.

Triacetate is a high in cellulose synthetic fiber that is typically woven with the drape/feel of a silk crepe – it can, and should be used as such. We’ll make no bones about it, it’s easier to wash, less prone to wrinkles and can be sewn like a knit (even though it is technically a woven). It has all the silk characteristics without the maintenance – and thus, is one of the more popular fabrics out there today.

We sourced this from a cutting room in NYC, a larger designer who makes formal wear – this is a classic looking crepe that is formal, elegant but more comfortable than most textiles one would consider luxurious – part of the new world style.

It is not a sustainable fiber with the exception that it will last forever, and it is dead stock fabric.

Care Instructions: Cold Water Wash, NO HEAT dry – prefer to drip dry, but not heat table dry can be ok.

Price is per Yard.

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