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Vintage Sew-In Collars with Floral Embroidery, Set of Three


Vintage Collar Sew-in Appliqués, one of the most extraordinary vintage pieces we have come encountered on our travels. These are pliable, but delicate woven collars that would make such an elegant appearance on any top.

Authentic, hand-woven in Switzerland, ca. 1950’s (or earlier).

All 3 pieces have a floral embroidery, one is a Purple, Pink, Yellow and Blue motif with a border embroidery. The other is Orange, Blue and a Yellow center. the background is a sheer semi-mesh-like sheer woven, with a Blue edge.

3 Pieces sold as set; 2 are the same variation, 1 is different. At their longest width, they measure from 13 x 4 1/2 inches. The embroidered portion is smaller than the opposite side.

Sample Unavailable.

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