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  • Silk:Wool Mikado Tree Fabric Panel

Silk/Cotton Suiting Weight Fabric, Picturesque Forrest View, Panel


Silk and Cotton suiting weight fabric, a picturesque, scenic view that could be a photo from a hiking trip; A lovely brush covered with Purple Rhododendron Flowers, bright green leaves. The scene is complete with a tree.

One who buys this knows that they are simply going be the talk of whatever it is worn to. It is too easy.

Suiting weight, substantial hand with a rather lustrous finish, twill weave – less dense than silk/wool compositions which allows it be an all year round fabric.

Dead stock fabric from a designer in New York – 50% Silk/50% Cotton, 45″ wide.

We recommend if this is to be lined, do it with our cotton/polyester batiste lining.

Some people get scared of the big panels – we say, they can be a really simple thing to tackle.

There are some patterns to draw inspiration from – obviously this is a big print, so you cannot really chop it up. Think a big coat, such as Simplicity, PDS9389 – a double breasted jacket, almost like those old school rain jackets or a trench coat. OH! cover the buttons with the fabric, that would be amazing.

Skirt, we love the Vogue, V1941 – asymmetric skirt cut cross grain has draped side split. Also a simple A Line – try the S9712 from Simplicity.

One could also make the Vogue V1893 work with the large scale print (Options A and C).

For a dress, Vogue V1728 would allow for the whole pattern to be seen and exentuated – one could do a long or short dress – option B maybe easier to not have to match the pattern. Also look the Vogue V1800.

Price is per Panel, the panel measures 1 3/8 yards.

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*Sample Unavailable.

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